Gifts for Humanity

For Nonprofits

Gifts For Humanity helps nonprofits raise awareness and raise money by making charitable giving more convenient, cost-efficient, and rewarding than ever before.

Register for a Premium Profile for just $100 per year to take full advantage of our online fundraising tools, including personalized profiles, donation gifts, beautiful greeting cards and e-cards, drives, registries, marketing tools and personalized guidance.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Attract new donors
  • Raise money for your most important programs
  • Tap the $250 billion gift market by offering specific donation opportunities that people can give in lieu of traditional presents
  • Encourage donations with wish lists, registries, and beautiful greeting cards and e-cards
  • Enhance your online presence with social networking tools
  • Help your supporters raise money for you with free, easy-to-use online fundraising drives
  • Introduce your supporters to creative new ways to give, including holiday stocking stuffers, wedding favors, corporate gifts, etc.
  • Receive the full amount of each donation, minus only a standard 3% and 30 cents credit card transaction fee
  • Track your donations in real-time with online reports

For personalized attention, please contact
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Be a Part of the Future…

Gifts For Humanity harnesses the power of the internet to make giving more than a transaction; it becomes a way for nonprofits to deepen their relationship with donors. It changes not only the way money is raised, but also the way nonprofits fit into people’s lives.