Hi, I'm the father of our country. You've seen my picture on coins and dollar bills, driven across my bridge, and seen my monument in -- yes, Washington DC. I love to stand around in the snow and to go boating on the Delaware -- in the winter! SampleNGO is a wonderful nonprofit. You know that's true because I never, never tell a lie.


Having helped found this country, I'm now dedicated to help make it a better place for all of us. Among other causes, I support cherry tree replanting, democracy programs, protection of the Potomac River, and the rainforest. That's why I'm proud to support Sample NGO, and would be honored if you would donate to them to help them do more great work.

Wish List/ Registry


Let's Get Hopping! 

Save a frog habitat

Green, white and orange can excite me as much as red, white and blue. I would be so very hoppy if you gave me this for my birthday.


A warm gift 

Emperors of Antarctica

Hey, this is how I felt crossing the Delaware in that little boat. Cold, well-dressed, and at-risk. Please help the Emperor penguins!


A natural bouquet 

Wildflower propogation

I always wanted to grow flowers like this at my beloved Mt Vernon. This is even better, as you can help protect endangered wildflowers for all of us and our children. So if you ever thought of giving flowers, please give these, instead.


It's a busy time 

Bee colony support

Just like the hard-working patriots of the original 13 colonies, hard-working bees in their colonies are also under threat. So wuoldn't this be a patriotic, noble and important gift for my next birthday! Thank you in advance!